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I'm currently in another Ford Fiesta commercial that is airing on all the stations & Cable systems in LA, Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Hawaii etc.. The commercial is running a lot on Sports/Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, Kings plus a lot on the News (morning and evening) KTLA. Some of the other type of shows I see are the following: Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Two & half Men, Entourge, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cold Case Files, Vampire Diaries, Friends Access Hollywood, Today in LA, Survivor, 48 Hours, Star Trek, Frasier... Etc..
Produced by Pictures in a Row. Daily agency.

Special sneak peak. 2nd version of the latest commercial I'm in.

Beto Lopez has been appearing in Ford Fiesta's online commercials and is currently on a radio Ford Fiesta ad for many radio stations in the Los Angeles area playing everyday for a 13 week cycle since December 1st 2010.

Here is the current radio spot that is playing on many radio stations in the Los Angeles area. My voice talking about my new Ford Fiesta. Currently playing in Los Angeles radio stations. I'm getting a lot of messages and phone calls from friends and family that they heard me on the radio and hearing over and over again. Cool

This Ford Fiesta commercial was recently on the home page of MSN website and many websites home pages such as yahoo and Pandora. Beto appeared and starred in the commercials he wrote and created as a pitch.

Fiesta Bboy Battle

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