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Ken Block Private Party 2011 Ford Fiesta Rally car revealed

Ken Block Gymkhana 3 2011 Fiesta Revealed interview San Francisco,CA

Ride along with Ken Block in his Gymkhana Ford Fiesta Sema show 2010

I drove my white SES 2011 Ford Fiesta to the Sema Show 2010 Las Vegas and rode along with Ken Block in his Gymkhana Ford Fiesta. I had a blast riding with Ken Block. Once again thank you Ford for this amazing opportunity. More videos from the 2010 Sema show will be uploaded following this upload. Strange thing about this video is that I didn't even notice there was a white Ford Fiesta sedan in front of me until I started editing the video. lol

Kicking it with Ken Block
Ken Block Rocks!
About to see the new Ken Block rally car
Ken Blocks 2011 Ford Fiesta
Sam Dela Garza & the Fiesta dream car
The dream car!
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