The New 2011 Ford Fiesta that I drove for 4 months Ford Fiesta Movement Chapter 2

The New 2011 Ford Fiesta

I drove the new Ford Fiesta Euro version for 8 months in 2009 Ford Fiesta Chapter 1 and drove across the country doing missions for Ford and exploring the nation taking photos and making videos. 2010 I came back for chapter 2 to drive the all new USA version of the 2011 Ford Fiesta. There was a big difference. I had car number 212 from the factory line. So it was more of a prototype because now I currently own a white 2011 Ford Fiesta and I see there were even more changes made. During the Fiesta Movement we did surveys every month to tell Ford what we liked and didn't like about the car so they can correct them. They did just that as the Fiesta was designed based on the Fiesta Movement drivers experience to make sure it is prepared to give new buyers an even better experience. Smartest marketing campaign I have ever seen. This is why Ford is now back on top and not in debt like most auto companies. I was recently at the 2010 Sema show and one of the big heads at Ford said to us thank you, "you guys really saved our butts." I wish I kept my camera rolling when he said that haha.

Batmobile Fiesta
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