Ford Fiesta Up coming events

Up Coming Ford Events


A lot of people showed up in Hollywood to play Rock Paper Scissors to win a new 2011 Ford Fiesta at the Kodak Theater. Congrats to Kamal Moummad who now owns a new 2011 Ford Fiesta. Video highlights coming soon.

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Rock Paper scissors final 2.
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Kamal Moummad and his family who was in LA visiting him. He gave them a tour or the area and stopped to play the game to win the Ford Fiesta. fiestagiveawayhollywood11 (1 of 1) copy

Kamal Moummad winner of a new Ford Fiesta. He said his car was rear ended and totaled recently and didn't know when he would be driving a again. So this was a blessing for him to win this car to a very deserving guy.
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Congrats to the Chicago winner who braved the cold (and the Lions) to take home a brand new 2011 Ford Fiesta. LOS ANGELES, you are up next and we’ll see you at 12:30pm on Monday the 20th in Hollywood & Highlands - Central Courtyard on Level 2. 100 people can play and the password is LUCKY #11. I'm about to get on the road from the bay to LA see yawl when I get there.

12/14/10 The competition in Austin was fierce, but Chisum Pierce laid down a ream of paper to take the victory!! Seattle , we’ll see you tomorrow at Westlake Center , 400 Pine Street , at Noon. Password is FORD DRIVE ONE and we’ve got room for 40 people!! Miami and Chicago, stay tuned for details!! 12/11/10
Los Angeles I will announce the date and location for the next Ford Fiesta give away end this week.

Update 12/10/10

Congratulations to Natalie LadyBug Julin for her incredible display of Limbo skills today; she’ll be taking home a brand new 2011 Ford Fiesta for her efforts. San Francisco, you really know how to get down! East Coast his next. Get ready Atlanta because we are going to giveaway another Fiesta this weekend at Atlantic Station on Saturday at 2pm. First 100 people there must have this password “40MPG “.

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Update 12/08/10

San Francisco, we’ll see you tomorrow at Justin Herman Plaza ( 1 Market Street ) at 11AM. Fiesta giveaway is at Noon and the first 100 people there can play. Password is 10 FIESTAS. I'm sure there might be less than 100 people that will show up so better chances for yawl to win. Look for me with my white Fiesta and say hello.

Update 12/07/10

Hey Philadelphia, thought we’d give you a little time to plan for the giveaway, so tomorrow we’ll be at the corner of 12th and Arch Street starting at 11AM and we are giving the Fiesta away at Noon. The first 64 people there can play. The password to play is SQUEEZE GREEN.

Thought we would also be fair to let Fiesta fans know we’ll be in San Francisco on Thursday and Atlanta on Saturday. I will be there with my White SES Ford Fiesta along with another Fiesta on display in San Francisco. Details on those two cities coming soon. Spread the word!!!

Check back tomorrow morning for details on San Francisco.

Rock on! Mooncricket

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October 31st 2010
This week in Las Vegas Ford Raptor ride alongs at the 2010 Sema Show

I had a blast during the Ford Raptor ride along.
Ford Raptor ride along at the 2010 Sema show

October 31st 2010
Ken Block Ride along this week in Las Vegas at the Sema Show

I had a blast riding with Ken Block at the Sema show. Watch the video to see how it was smokin'. lifecasting since 2007Sony BroadcasterFord Fiesta Agent Chapter One and Chapter TwoFord Motor Company AgentFord Fiesta Movement Chapter One Best Body of Work Award Winner
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