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I have more footage going back for the last 12 years of homeless stories once I find them. For now I have one recent story posted on the extended link here.

What interest me about homeless peoples stories? Well my mother ended up homeless. Imagine your mother who inspired you to grow up to be somebody and one day after seeing how well she was and then suddenly living in a homeless shelter and many times no where else to go. We never know a persons background of where they came from or how their lives where before they were homeless. My parents divorced in 1994 right when I was 19 trying to go to college to be a filmmaker. The house we grew up in ended up in fore closer and since we couldn't afford a lawyer they took the house away from us illegally. What is more surprising my mom was working for the Government at the time since 1969. She use to work for the CIA. Image that people if your mom worked for the CIA and the Army Depot for over 20 years and suddenly homeless because her job moved to another state and effects the marriage into divorce. The whole domino affected my brother who was in the 7th grade at the time. My sister who was about to graduate from high school and I was just starting community college and focusing trying to learn how to make movies. To this very day that has affected my entire family especially my mother. She now works at Walmart for many years now and has been treated like dirt there. She is a modern slave in my book, bit to her it is a job that gets her by to pay the bills and stay off the street. My brother and I live with her and we do the best we can but our lives are on hold to help support her. This is why I try so hard and take so long with my film productions because of the distractions of trying to survive.

So imagine all the homeless people in the streets and just ask one of them someday what it was they did before they ended up homeless. Chat with them and make their day and show that you care. Sometimes they don't care if you give them food or money, but if you take the time to friend them and listen to them even if they sound delirious or some may be drunk, but many are drug free and their day will be full of hope for life when they know someone cares to listen to their story. Possibly that may make you want to do something about it or maybe cause them to try harder to make a change in their lives once they realize people really do care about them more than giving hand outs.

I have interviewed and spoke with many homeless people in the streets and I am always surprised of their backgrounds.

A little known fact about me Beto Lopez. I have been homeless several times. Living in my car and when not having a car I couched surfed with all my camera gear while making the Bboy Connection. Sometimes it was a choice I made for my film and sometimes I had no choice of nowhere to go. Sleeping in an office for over 5 years taking bathes splashing cold water out of a sink late at night when everyone is gone is no joke for me. But I never complained about it as I knew I had to keep trying to get out of that situation. I never liked the feeling some people looked at me in the streets when I would dance for money in San Francisco but I didn't care because i wasn't begging I felt I was at least working some way to survive. Yes I was not happy doing it and freaked out when personal friends or people that know me would see me but I knew one day that would possibly understand that I would be in a better place soon. They don't know me but I got the feeling from people that they thought I was on drugs but really I would get so skinny because of not eating right surviving on 99 cent Jack N Box chicken sandwiches every night sometimes only once a day until I got really sick.

My situation wasn't as bad as many other homeless people in America. So I can never complain about my life. I really want to help as many as I can when i can. Even if it is by telling their story and hoping others will help them and hopefully open their eyes about homeless people.
Blessings Beto Lopez
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