The Story of Diamond D "Red"

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Diamond D has been a mystery for many people in the dance community. He has been homeless for over six years. 2011 of October during the Octoberfest that happened to have the event on the same street that Diamond D lives on. He heard the music and decided to check it out. It put a smile on his face to see the young people dancing to hip-hop and to old school music that he had danced to. His friends from the area that see him on the street every day remembered that Diamond D use to dance. They told him to get onto the dance floor but he wasn’t sure because of his homeless look and he hadn’t danced since 1994. Finally he stepped onto the floor. Many people including myself wasn’t sure what the homeless man was going to do. I have filmed many events and there is always a homeless person that gets on the dance floor. Sometimes entertaining funny and sometimes annoying and disturbing. My name is Beto “Mooncricket Lopez” and I was filming when this happened. He stepped onto the dance floor and started popping, strutting, waving and roboting. I knew right away from the first move that this homeless guy is an original boogaloo dancer from the 70s. He instantly became a crowd favorite. He was very happy as music and dance is what keeps him happy. Once the video went on youtube many dancers saw Diamond D as a mystery dancer and are very curious to learn more about him. So this is why I created this page so everyone can learn more about Diamond D and find ways to help him get off the streets and back working as a dancers.

When he visits his families home he calls me once in a while to catch up. This time I was able to find where he was after he told me to look for him at a gas station in East Oakland. In this photo you can see him speaking to a customer about washing their windows. The regular customers have known him for years. He has been on the streets for over 6 years like this. During the interview besides some amazing Oakland boogaloo dance history he said a month after I filmed him dancing he fell into a Diabetic coma in a parking lot. He said a woman rushed to him and saved his life.

He is not doing very well and looks even more in bad shape than the last video I filmed. We all need to support him and get him back out into the dance scene. I am bringing him to the up coming "Go Hard or Go Home" dance battle. Hopefully that exposure and introduction will help him get off his feet. He hasn't danced since 1994 until the day I filmed in October 2011. He said dancing that day help lift his spirits up from his depression. All he wants to do is to be able to dance again and share his stories with you about the Bay Area boogaloo dance. If you want to help support Diamond D you can contact me. You never know what the story is behind the eyes of many homeless people on the streets.

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Thank you. Beto Lopez

Part 1: Diamond D "Red" original Oakland boogaloo popper 52 years old. Age is still not confirmed 100% accurate but I will soon make sure it does.

Part 2: Diamond D "Red" original Oakland boogaloo popper 52 years old
2 year old Diamond D who is currently homeless introduction. Found him washing peoples windows at a gas station in East Oakland. The sit down interview will be posted next week. Show your support by joining Diamond D's Facebook fan page here.

Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC
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