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Saturday, December 18 2010 ยท 3:00pm - 9:30pm Location Lincoln Community Center 901 Brunswick Ave Daly City, CA Created By DjChickenskratch Rim, Mandeep Seti, Gabriel Delrokz Dela Cruz, Angelina Quasha More Info THE MIGHTY DELROKZ PRESENTS BREAK 4 TOTS IS AN ANNUAL TOY DRIVE THAT BEGAN IN 2005 TO HELP THOSE IN NEED DURING THE HOLIDAYS.

Breaks 4 Tots

The Bboy Connection Presents
the 2006 Rockin' The Elements bboy event

If you would like The Bboy Connection to bring back Rockin The Elements you can contact us on the contact link. We are looking for sponsors to bring it back from popular demand that were still getting request from. 2006 we had bboys come from Japan, Hawaii, Miami, New York, Denver, Los Angeles and all over the country to the west coast event that hosted one of the biggest rock dance contest. Ever since this day after many who took dance classes with the Rock dancer legends the dance has grown rapidly around the world. They have not forgotten about Rockin The Elements that inspired so many to understand the 4 elements of hip-hop including the lost dance "Rock" or "Uprock".

We are ready to bring it back. If the film "The Bboy Connection" comes out soon enough then Rockin' the Elements will follow along with it as part of "The Bboy Connection" tour.

Thank you for your support.
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