Mooncricket Dance

Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez has been dancing since he can walk. His parents always had parties since he was born from the 70s and through out his high school years his parents threw dance parties for him and his friends. His parents were aways as cool as he was on the dance floor. Beto's father was voted best dancer in 1968 in the San Francisco High School he attended. Beto grew up listening to his fathers records from the mid 70s to the early 90s. As soon as he could walk he was already dancing and loved dancing at family weddings for the spot light. James Brown was his biggest influence growing up and of course by the time Michael Jackson stepped into the scene Beto was just like everyone else trying to learn every step. Beto would blob Blue Magic hair jell to slick and shine his hair like Michael and get in trouble by his father trying to look like a pop star on his way to school. Beto would entertain his school mates and neighbors everyday to Michael and all the classic hip-hop music he would collect.

Beto started popping in 1981 shortly after he moved to California near the bay area. Everyone in the school yard was doing this dance and they all saw that Beto already had James Brown moves. Beto fell in love with Hip-hop and popping, Boogaloo dance and by the time it was 1983 he saw Dynamic Rockers on a TV show called "That's Incredible". They were doing head spins, foot work, freezes and back spins. When him his friends went back to school they all new this was the new dance. With confusion seeing popping and breaking on TV being mixed he would pop and break at the same time like most California kids.

Official 49ers Super Bowl dance video/ Popping & Rocking/ "Mooncricket"

November 2012 All Styles Battle Salsa music Latin Top Rocks.

The Bboy Connection Sunday Streets Jam Mission District #3 Rock Dance session 07/01/12

Mooncricket solo freestyle dance raw clips at Bboy Connection Sunday Streets SF Mission 10/23/11

The 80s - 90s & current story TO BE CONTINUED:

Mooncricket vs Robot boy Halloween night 10/31/11

Mooncricket freestyle cypher-house music/10/01/11

The Bboy Connection Sunday Streets- Mooncricket dance clips 05/08/11

Music video Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez performed in for Jern Eye Featuring Zion I & DJ Platurn

Music video Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez performed & provided some of his Boombox Collection in for Crown City Rockers "Bboy".

Music video Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez performed for Michael Franti: Love Me Unique: It played on MTV Europe only because of the sexuality of the video.

2002 dance footage

Randy's donut dance stunt Mooncricket style summer 2007

Summer 2008/ RJD2- Smoke & Mirrors Rock Dancer/ I will re-upload this in HD quality as originally filmed when I find the file. lifecasting since 2007Sony BroadcasterFord Fiesta Agent Chapter One and Chapter TwoFord Motor Company AgentFord Fiesta Movement Chapter One Best Body of Work Award Winner
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