My Art
Beto Lopez has been drawing and painting since he can remember as a little kid. His father and mother were both artist. Beto has always been visual with everything he does since he was a kid. Today when he has the time he still sketches in his black book and paints on canvas with acrylics or oils.

He has been streaming live on his live channel his latest paintings, creating them from scratch. He enjoys the pressure of people watching him while he paints because the pressure makes him get it done.

Below is an archive clip of Beto working on his latest painting which he streamed live during Thanksgiving weekend 2010. Over 25,000 people watched him paint the canvas with in 24 hours.
He will be working on new paintings every week when when he is free and streaming them live. He is getting his work ready for a gallery of his work. If you are interested in requesting for his services of a painting you would like to be painted he can do it. We will have a shopping cart of re-prints to be sold on this site very soon. The original work will be for sale after the gallery shows.

Archival clip from live painting show.

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