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Beto Lopez started roller skating when he was 4 or 5 years old with metal wheels. He grew up in the roller rinks celebrating most of his birthdays including his little brother and sisters birthdays at the rinks in Modesto & Stockton, CA.
In 1990 for his 16th birthday he got his first pair of inline skates. He was hooked ever since. Right away he started riding his friends half pipe that lived behind him as he would just hop the fence to ride. He got better and better each week and kept upgrading his skates. He was very involved with his community organizing skating events. Skate competitions and organized 300 kids for a roller hockey league in which he was a ref for every game. The city wrote articles on the changes and influence he was doing for the youth to have a better outlet instead of getting getting in trouble with their parents and the law. It was a positive roll Beto played that not only helped others but helped himself stay focus on his goals and to stay out of trouble.

Beto Lopez and his skate partner Chelsea Jones perform for special events and concerts since 2015.

Soul Boogie Supreme roller skate dance highlights

Drone Dancer DJI compass calibration contest

Soul Boogie Supreme roller skate dancers at Venice Beach

Beto eventually was the best in the valley and would travel back and forth to LA, Sacramento San Francisco and San Jose to skate with the best and compete against the best. He was noticed by Roces inline skate company and was sponsored in 1996. Beto would compete in the biggest contest just before X-Games took over. He was known for his original style and innovated moves on launch ramps and hand rails. Little did he know that being invited to Camp Woodward in Philly would of changed his life. The camp was to prepare him for the very first X-Games. He thought it was just another regular competition since back then there was no big money prize. His summer temporary job would not have those days off at the meat department Costco warehouse. Next thing you know during his lunch break with his co-workers they called him into the room and his boss asked him "Is that the event you were suppose to compete in?" Beto looked at his boss very upset and said yes. 2 weeks later his summer season job ended. It was a big learning lesson for Beto to never let others keep you from your opportunities. In 2001 Beto won the Red Bull San Diego, California championships for cash prize and made it to the world finals for his dance performance on skates. The Red Bull dance skate finals was held on Venice Beach.

Beto continues to skate to this day when he has the chance. Today he spends more time on his classic quad skates dancing with his original style. He enjoys skating in San Francisco at Golden Gate park since the early 90s on sunny Sunday's and once a month at Venice Beach.


07/12/14 Beto "Mooncricket" Roller Skate freestyle performance Lyft Day

01/20/13 Skating at Venice Beach for my birthday weekend having fun. This is my first mobile youtube upload video.

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Mooncricket Style Golden Gate Park Rollerskate dance practice part 6: 11/01/12

Mooncricket skate dance Boogaloo, Robotter, Strutter & Poppers Reunion BBQ 2011

Mooncricket Style Central Park NYC Rollerskate dance practice part 5: 07/22/12

Mooncricket Style on Venice Beach Rollerskate dance practice part 4: 07/15/12 - Hulu Hoop guy getting in my way.

Michael Jackson Rollerskate tribute/Rollerskate dance practice part 3

Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez and Terrance freestyle roller skate dance 04/15/12

04/03/12 Mooncricket Style Rollerskate dance practice training day 2. Top Rock/Footwork

03/18/12 Mooncricketstyle Rollerskate dance practice training day 1. This is not jam skate...

Mooncricket Roller Skate jam part 1-Warming up for summer

22 years of inline aggressive skating back in training day part 3

21 years of inline aggressive skating back in training day part 2

Update April 20th 2011

Beto "Mooncricket" Lopez agressive inline skating 1990s

Ford Fiesta Mission #5 AGA How to skate board. October 2009

20 years of inline aggressive skating back in training day 1 July 2010

2008 live stream JTV clip Beto and Terrance dance skating in Golden Gate park.

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