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October 2013 1470006_10153505883680341_1098008512_n

May 2013 Isabela, Puerto Rico.

North Beach San Francisco.
4th of July aerial shot from my quadcopter.

Southern Utah desert Milky Way.


mojavestars5 (1 of 1)
04/11/13 Mojave Desert
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04/11/13 Mojave Desert
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Fort Mason Lights San Francisco
Chinese New Years in San Francisco
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Fiesta moonlighting
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02/18/13 12:00AMLast night was amazing. Before I took this photo you could not see the moon but only a beaming of moonlight beaming onto the ocean. I will have that photo posted — at Sutro Baths.
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02/18/13 baylights5 (1 of 1)

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Last night they had tested out the The Bay Lights again. It was raining so they had them on testing on how the lights perform creating different art designs based on the weather I shot many angles of video like this as well that I will have posted soon
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02/01/13 The new Bay Lights
Bay Lights 02/01/13

Moon ring 3:00AM Handheld Moon Ring 12/27/12

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Mooncricket Films LLC

08/31/12 Blue moon night.

Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC
Mooncricket Films LLC

05/20/12 2:00AM
This is the cabin I was staying in. That night was amazing taking photos through out the night 10,000 feet in Colorado Rocky's. You can see the galaxy with your naked eye and every 15 seconds there were shooting stars. This is only one sample from the rest I've been taking. About to film the wedding in same location with the lake below and across the lake is an amazing view of Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains of North America, at 14440 feet. More photos coming soon from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Nathrop, CO
Mooncricket Films LLC

Mooncricket Films LLC

Mooncricket Films LLC

nightphotography14 (1 of 1) copy 02/05/12
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02/05/12 nightphotography12aeffect copy
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12/15/ 2011 newyork2011december25 (1 of 1) copy
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Updated 12/11/10

Berkeley Marina sunset 12/09/10

More Night Shots to be added here soon.
Berkeley Marina sunset 12/10/10
Berkeley, Marina looking over at San Francisco Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge. This is the longest lens I have a basic 135mm. I really wanted to get a close up of Alcatraz as the amazing fog had wrapped it's self over it. I'm happy with this wide shot. They will get better once I invest into better lenses. Many more images I captured this night that I'll have posted soon.

nightbaybridge2b nightparamount

Telluride, Colorado bridge
Telluride, Colorado bridge
I was just wondering around the town of Telluride, Colorado enjoying the sounds of the Blue Grass festival happening on the other side of that bridge. It was so relaxing to the sound of the river, moonlight and the amplified sound of the concert that bounced off the surrounding mountains anywhere you go in the town. I didn't want to leave.
Telluride, Colorado bridge
Ouray, Colorado night sky.

nightparamount3 copy
nightpiercity copy
nightpiercityofsf copy

Ouray, Colorado night sky.
Bottom of the Million Dollar Highway Ouray, CO
Bottom of the Million Dollar Highway Ouray, CO

I took this right after driving down the scariest road "The Million Dollar Highway."
I pulled over and I was thinking to my self how in every city I went to that was unplanned the timing was also perfect.
Ouray, CO was so peaceful and everyone was very nice and helpful telling me where I should hike to. Many people goosed necked and asked about the Ford Fiesta I was driving. All thumbs ups and smiles from everyone in the little town.
As you can see the sun went down and I had just pulled over off the Million Dollar highway. I was nervous as I seen it come up. I kept stopping along the road taking photos of the sunset over the mountains and then I seen ahead was a big cliff with a very crooked road with no railings. I was like "Oh Snaps! I got to go down that crazy road? I looked at how fast it was getting dark and I didn't need anyone to tell me that I need to hurry and get to Ouray, CO down the mountain quick.

I stopped taking pics and started to drive and then just a half mile to the scariest part I hear a loud TING TING noise under the car sounded like metal grinding. I was freaking out and it was getting dark quick. I pulled over and I seen 2 other cars pulled over because they had bad breaks and had a tow truck get them because they said they would not have survived that highway. That made me more nervous so I decided I would sleep there on the mountain. I looked up and I told the guy that was getting his motor home towed that I don't think it is safe to sleep here because there were giant rocks above us and big cliffs fear of falling rocks as what the sign said.
The guy said if you are going to drive down that road you better go now before it gets to dark.

I get trying to figure out what the noise was and so I guessed it must of been a small rock stuck in a pan under the car. It was getting dark as seen in the photo so I went for it. When I got close to the bottom I was relieved that I made it after seeing what is seen in this photo. As I was taking photos here I seen the tow truck pass buy with the the guy and his motor home being towed.

More adventure stories coming soon. So many stories for reals. lol

nighticeskatewideB a href="" title="Telluride, Colorado bridge by Mooncricket Films, on Flickr">Telluride, Colorado bridge Bottom of the Million Dollar Highway Ouray, COOuray, Colorado night sky. lifecasting since 2007Sony BroadcasterFord Fiesta Agent Chapter One and Chapter TwoFord Motor Company AgentFord Fiesta Movement Chapter One Best Body of Work Award Winner
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